Overall Quality

While there's no one way to determine the overall quality of a post, we look at content through the eyes of our readers and how they might receive it. Generally, our readers are educated business owners who understand the basics of running an online business already.

Therefore, please ensure you've thoroughly thought your content through and are providing a genuinely insightful post. Submissions deemed to be of low quality to our readers will be rejected.

Length & Search Engine Optimization

The length of your post should be similar to other articles ranking for your keyword. Generally, this is a minimum of 2,000 words. Submissions of unsatisfactory length will be rejected.

We also greatly prefer your submission be optimized to the keyword that you are targeting. Please use a tool such as frase.io to do this.

Outbound Links

We understand that many guest posters are creating content so that they can get backlinks to their websites or a partner's website and we are understanding of this approach. However, we ask that you be judicious in your approach to outbound linking.

Link only to sites of high value and high authority. Submissions with too many or too low-quality backlinks will be rejected.

Assets and Intellectual Property

Only use assets you have permission to use. Cite sources and ensure proper attribution. When you submit your article you will be asked to sign a legal release that requires you to accept responsibility for any content you submit that you don't have permission to include.

Grammar & Proofreading

Please ensure that you spell-check, fact-check, and proofread your article prior to submitting it. We accept posts from a wide range of authors from many different localities, but generally, we stick to the AP Style Guide.

Submissions with poor grammar, spelling mistakes, or many errors will be rejected.

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