This article is designed to help you with any questions related to your AppSumo plan.

Table of content:

  1. Can't access my account anymore (deleted, don't exist or can't login).

  2. What limits or features my AppSumo plan unlocks for me.

  3. How to apply my AppSumo codes again.

  4. How to move or merge my AppSumo codes.

1) Can't access my account anymore (deleted, don't exist or can't login).

There are a couple of reasons why you no longer can login;

  1. Your login details are incorrect, in which case you can try and reset your password.

  2. Your account was deleted. This could have been done manually by yourself at some point OR it was automatically deleted due to being "inactive" as outlined below:

Not logging-in or using your account for 12 months (roughly 365 days) marks the account as "inactive" and then is permanently deleted.

We send three (3) notices over three (3) months and also show a warning banner.

We do this to ensure legal compliance (for example, with our data protection obligations) and accomplish other objectives, such as protecting intellectual property and your personal data.

You can read more about this here.

That said, since you have an AppSumo plan, you can get back up and running on Plutio easily; here is how:

First, create a new account/workspace and redeem your AppSumo code(s) again.

Here are the redemption links:

If you don't know your AppSumo codes, you can try the following:

  • Search your email for Plutio AppSumo

  • Login to your AppSumo account

If that doesn't work, you can always contact AppSumo support to retrieve the code(s).

  • Please note that without the AppSumo code(s), you will not be able to re-activate your new account as it requires the code(s) to be redeemed, and we certainly can't help you find or retrieve your AppSumo code(s) as we don't have them, only AppSumo support can help.

To clarify, you did not pay for a specific Plutio Account when you purchased an AppSumo plan. You paid for a Code(s) / Lifetime License / Plan - which you can then apply to any account.

Your Code(s) / Lifetime License / Plan - are not connected to an account.

When we deleted your account, we did it for compliance reasons as per our terms and conditions, and we have every right to do so, but it is important to know that deleting your account does not revoke your AppSumo code(s) / lifetime license/plan which you have paid for and can still use them.

Follow the steps above to create a new workspace and active your AppSumo plan.

Simply put: your Code(s) / Lifetime License / Plan are valid for life, but if you wish to keep the account they are applied to active, you need to log in at least once a year or simply let it get deleted and come back once you are ready to use it.

2) What limits or features my AppSumo plan unlocks for me.

We've created a comprehensive graph that shows every AppSumo plan and the different set of features and limits they unlock. Open comparison graph.

3) How to apply my AppSumo codes again.

4) How to move or merge my AppSumo codes.

We can't help with moving or merging codes, however, deleting an account will automatically unlock the codes which makes them re-usable.

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