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Customizable proposal packages
Customizable proposal packages
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Packages offer an intuitive and effective way for your clients to to customize their proposal before they sign it, reducing the back and forth.

For example; below is a list of different packages that the client can select from:

Plutio - Customizable proposal packages

It could also be set so the client can add or remove optional items such as add-ons:

Plutio - Customizable proposal packages

As the client add or select different packages, the proposal summary updates in real-time to give an accurate total due of everything selected before approving the proposal.

How to create packages:

First, add an items block to your proposal from the blocks menu as follows:

A popup will appear were you can switch on the ability for the client to edit the selection of items on this block:

You can access this popup again by clicking on settings from the block options menu which will appear when you hover over the items block.

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