Messengers are live-chat widgets that can be added to proposals, invoices and wikis or easily embedded into your website.

Advanced triggers:

Below is a list of options which can be used to trigger certain actions such as opening or closing the messenger window.


Initiates messenger instance


Hides chat window


Shows chat window


Sets user data


Un-sets user data

Parameter options:

uniqueUserId : The unique user identifier can be anything

user object: user: { name: { firstName: '', lastName: '' }, contactEmails: [{ address: '', type: '' // Can be one of 'email', 'personal', 'work' 'alternative' }] // Can be multiple emails in array, contactPhones: [{ number: '', type: '' // Can be one of 'mobile', 'phone', 'work', 'office' ,'personal', 'fax' }] // Can be multiple phone numbers in array, address: { street: '', city: '', zipCode: '', country: '' // 2 letter country code }, birthDay: Date, ... additional fields, can be Number, String, Date or Array of: Numbers, Strings, Date or mixed. }
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