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Connect custom domain name to a wiki
Connect custom domain name to a wiki
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Wiki spaces can be shared publicly through a unique link which can be replaced with a custom domain.

Warning: We recommend using a subdomain ( instead of a root domain ( as connecting your root domain may effect your emails and anything else setup on it. Read more.

Step 1) Create CNAME records:

Each registrar has a different way of creating CNAME records, click on your registrar below to open their step by step guide:

  • Other? Please search your provider's help centre or ask their support for instructions on how to create a CNAME records

Usually, when adding a CNAME record you would see two fields; Host and Value/Target.

The first field is the host where you enter your custom domain and the second field is the value or target where you enter your current Plutio domain.

Use the Plutio sub domain such as even if you have a custom domain already setup for your workspace.

So, your CNAME entry should look something similar to this:


Value / Target

Your custom wiki domain

Your Plutio domain (example:

Step 2) Connect the custom domain to the wiki space:

  1. Open and enter your custom domain into the field then click search. This will test and ensure that you've created a CNAME record correctly.

  2. Login to your Plutio account.

  3. Click on Wiki from your main menu.

  4. Click on the configuration icon/button next to the wiki name.

  5. In the "Public View" section enter the custom domain in the “Custom domain” field and click Save.

  6. That is it, you should now be able to access your wiki space through your new custom domain.

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