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Auto-fill Form Fields Using Query Parameters
Auto-fill Form Fields Using Query Parameters
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Every field has a unique ID that can be used to identify the field and auto-fill it with pre-set values.

For example; to auto-fill a "short text" field with the value "Plutio":

  1. Copy the form's URL/Link, for example:

  2. Paste the unique field ID that you wish to auto-fill just after the "?" sign as follows:

  3. Now enter the value that you wish to be auto-filled just after the "=" sign as follows:

  4. The final URL will now look something similar to:

    1. Where yellow is the actual form URL/Link, orange is the ID of the field you wish to auto-fill and green is the value to be auto filled into that field.

  5. You can auto-fill more than one field by repeating the process on the same URL but adding "&" between each of them.

    1. For example;

How to find the unique field ID?

Each field block has a "Block Settings" popup which looks something similar to the following:

The field's ID is highlighted in orange above, you can copy it from there and also customize it if you wish.

The "Block Settings" popup can be accessed by clicking on the "Block Settings" option from the options menu of the field block as follows:

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