By default, all notification emails are sent from You can customize this reply-to email/domain by following these steps:

Warning: Please be sure to finish this process once started to prevent yourself from being locked out of your account. When your email settings are transferred to your service, so are the password recovery emails.

Note: Once you setup reply-to email with your custom domain, these emails are no longer handled by Plutio. Any issues with delivery are completely out of Plutio's control.

1) Add an MX record to your domain

  1. Login to your domain name provider.

  2. From your domain DNS settings create a new DNS record and select MX as the type.

  3. Enter the following details:



Host or hostname:

Enter the sub domain that will be used for the reply-to-emails. For example

Important: ensure that you're using a subdomain that is not being used for anything.

Value or mail server:


Optionally enter a TTL (Time to live) and leave it empty, or default to 3600 seconds.


Set it to 5 unless advised otherwise.

Note: Please ensure that the sub domain name you're using is not currently being used for anything else. If you are unsure, use a new sub-domain.

2) Enter your reply-to domain in email settings

  1. Login to your Plutio account and navigate to Settings.

  2. Click on Email.

  3. Enter the subdomain you've created above in the Reply-to domain field.

Here is an example record on Cloudflare:

Be sure that this MX record is not proxied by Cloudflare. See DNS only.

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