All outbound emails such as notifications and invites are sent from [email protected] - which can be replaced with your own custom email address to match your brand.

Follow the steps below to setup your custom email address:

  1. What email provider do you use?

    1. Gmail email address. Follow the steps here instead.

    2. G Suite email address. Follow the steps here instead.

    3. For all other email providers please continue to step 2 below:

  2. Click on Settings from your main menu and then click on Email settings.

  3. Fill the fields as follows:




Select your email provider from the list.
*Leave empty if you couldn't find your provider.

Email address

The email address you are trying to connect.

Sender name

Your name or the business name.

Reply-to domain:

The domain name of which you would like replies to go to.
*MX records are required, follow the steps here.

Host, Port and SSL

Those details are usually provided by your email provider.
Search their knowledge-base or contact them for instructions.

Username and Password:

The email address login details.

Click save, and that's it! - you should now receive a test email confirming your setup.

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