If you have a domain hosted on Wix and you want to use your domain as a reply-to email, you will have to make some changes with whom manages your DNS.

At the moment, Wix does not support the capability of setting custom MX records. This means that you cannot add the required MX records in Wix to setup a reply-to email with Plutio. In order to add the required MX records you will have to move where your DNS is managed.

Note: This will still allow you to use Wix services. You will just be moving the DNS management to a different provider. During this process, you will have to pay the new provider for these services. Google Domains is a popular service.

Moving your DNS management to Google Domains:

  1. Start the transfer to Google Domains here.

  2. Login to your Google account.

  3. Enter your domain into the transfer request field.

    1. If you get to step three and are presented an error stating that your domain is already linked to a Google domain please refer to this article.

    2. In this case, you are either not logging in with the purchasing Google account in Google Domains, or you are not the owner of the domain. Please reach out to whom you believe owns the domain and have them create our MX record for you.

  4. You will be presented with a three step process. Please follow Google's instruction from here.

Once you have successfully moved your DNS to a new provider, please continue with these instructions.

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