Prevent distractions by setting your notifications to your preference. Each feature has their own notification settings.

Need to set your notification frequency instead?

Notification delivery options

Task notifications

  • New comment on a task

  • When a task is assigned to me

  • When a delegated task is completed

  • When mentioned in a task's description

  • When mentioned in a comment

Project notifications

  • When added to a project

  • When added to a conversation

  • When a conversation has a reply

  • When new files are uploaded

Inbox notifications

  • Direct message

  • New email received

Invoice notifications

  • When an invoice is viewed

  • When an invoice is paid

Proposal notifications

  • When a proposal is viewed

  • When a proposal is signed

Contract notifications

  • When a contract is viewed

  • When a contract is signed

Form notifications

  • When a form is viewed

People notifications

  • When an invite is accepted

  • When an invite sent by others is accepted

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