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Getting started with invoices
Getting started with invoices
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Send invoices in minutes, track when they are opened, and get paid swiftly through a variety of payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, manual bank transfer, and/or Square (coming soon!)

How to create an invoice

Using the building blocks, you can add content and media to build your invoice. For example, you could use the content block to share a little bit about yourself and your business. You could also use the grid widget to create a gallery and showcase your best work.

Split payments

You can split an invoice into smaller invoices so they are paid in installments. This is useful when you’re invoicing for a project based on milestones.

To split an invoice into installments you simply need to change the payment agreement to Multiple payments and then set the amounts and date of each installment.

Plutio onboarding series (getting started guide) - Payment agreements

Once the invoice is sent it will be split into multiple invoices.

How to send an invoice

When you are ready to send your invoice, click on “actions” from the header and then “Send invoice.” Fill in the details and hit send.

The status of the invoice will change to “pending” as soon as it is sent.

An in-app push notification will be sent when the invoice is opened or paid.

Once the invoice is paid, its status will change to “paid”.


With subscriptions, you never have to worry about forgetting to bill your customers again, especially when charging for recurring services or retainers.

There are two types of subscriptions; manual and auto.

  • A manual subscription automatically generates and sends an invoice to the customer, however, the payment on the invoice is made manually by the customer.

  • An automatic subscription generates an invoice and automatically bills the customer using their designated payment method when due. No more waiting for the customer to pay or making repeated follow-ups, and the customer has one less deadline to remember. Auto subscriptions are a win-win for you and your clients.

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