1. You can manage as many businesses as you want from one login/account.

  2. Please note, however, each business is treated independently and has its own settings and billing plan. This means each workspace/business requires an active plan.

  3. You can create a new business from this page: https://app.plutio.com/create-new-business or by clicking the + icon below your workspace icon:

  • Once you created a new workspace, you will see a new icon below the separator.

  • You can switch between businesses by clicking the icon.

Account vs. Workspace

  1. An account is tied to your email address and you can use one account to manage multiple workspaces/businesses.

  2. A workspace, also known as a business or a brand, is tied to your Plutio URL. Each your-business.plutio.com workspace you open has its own billing and plans which means, it requires its own active plan.

You can also open a new workspace with a new account but you won’t be able to manage the workspaces you have under the same account.

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