This error relates to the Zapier App connection for the Plutio instance to have been set up incorrectly. Usually, it is the result of the Business Identifier field being entering incorrectly (when the entire Plutio workspace URL was used, not just the Plutio workspace subdomain).

When connecting to your Plutio instance from within Zapier, you are required to supply 4 fields, each explained below:

1. Client ID and 2. Client Secret:

Both the Client ID and Client Secret can be generated/found by going to Plutio > Settings > API Manager > Create Connection.

3. Business Identifier:

Your Business identifier is the subdomain of your Plutio workspace URL (ie: The text preceding '' in your Plutio workspace URL).

For example, if your Plutio workspace URL is '', your Business Identifier is 'workspace'

4. Connection Label:

This is the Zapier Connection Label to help you identify this Plutio connection. This can be anything you like and does not correlate to something configured on your Plutio instance itself.



Note item 3 - Business Identifier: only the subdomain of the Plutio Instance URL is used (ie: church-media).

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