Plutio’s design editor provides you with a complete design toolkit to unleash your creativity and to impress clients with stunning proposals, contracts, invoices, and forms. You are in total control of how everything looks and feels.

Click on the “design” tab to activate the design editor.

Plutio design editor

Here you can change background colors, adjust the padding or add shadows without a single line of code.

To give you an idea of what you could achieve using the design editor alone, here are a few templates designed using the editor and are available in our templates library for your use:

Blue Skies proposal template with a matching invoice: A modern looking proposal with a blue header and subtle drop shadows. View template

Plutio design editor - proposal and invoice template

Crispy Paper invoice template: Sleek and crisp invoice template that can be easily customized to fit your brand. View template

Plutio design editor - invoice template

Rosy proposal template: A fun and bright proposal template forged out of pink and black with stunning artwork. View template

Plutio design editor - proposal template

Form template: Stunning appointment booking form with edge to edge header and blur effect. View template

Plutio design editor - form template
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