Filters allow you to view the corresponding page's data in any way you would like. For example, if you wanted to see only tasks pertaining to Joe within a project you would set a filter for assignee to Joe.

  1. Navigate to a Project.

  2. Click on Filter.

  3. Select Assignee.

  4. Select Assignee is and then select the user you want to view. In our case, Joe. *You can start typing the name to bring up users inside your workspace automatically.

  5. Click Apply Filter.

You will then only see tasks assigned to Joe.

Filters you can use:

  • Assignee

    • Filter by the task's Assignee or multiple assignees.

  • Created by

    • Filter by whom created the task.

  • Creation date

    • Filter out tasks that were not made on a date or a range of dates.

  • Due date

    • Filters out tasks that are not on the day, range selected.

  • Status

    • Filters out tasks that have the corresponding assigned status within your filter.

If you have multiple filters that you regularly use, you can save your tasks for ease of use. This allows for ultimate flexibility and customizability.

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