There are four different user roles in Plutio:

1. Owner:
The person who created the business account, and have full access to the business.

2. Co-owners:
Co-owners are usually business partners who are invited to the business by the owner and then given the role "co-owner". This role gives them the same level of access as the owner.

Co-owners count towards your user limit.

3. Clients:
Client is a default user role designed specifically for when inviting clients into your business. They can only view projects that they're added to as contributor and invoices that are issued to them.

Inviting clients does not count towards your users limit. You can invite as many as you want.

4. Custom roles:
You can create as many custom roles as you want and give each role a different level of permissions.

For example, you could create a custom role for your teammates, giving them access to all projects by default. And then create a custom role for your contractors, giving them access only to projects they are added to as contributors.

To access your permission settings; click on Settings from your main menu and then click on "Permissions".
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