Messengers are live-chat widgets that can be added anywhere such as your website.

To create a messenger click on Settings > Inbox > Messangers.

Each messenger has a unique snippet of code which needs to be added to the header or footer of the site of which you're installing the messenger on.

Below is a list of param {} options which you can add to the snippet for more adanced options:

The unique user identifier can be anything

user object:
user: {
name: {
firstName: '',
lastName: ''

contactEmails: [{
address: '',
type: '' // Can be one of 'email', 'personal', 'work' 'alternative'
}] // Can be multiple emails in array,

contactPhones: [{
number: '',
type: '' // Can be one of 'mobile', 'phone', 'work', 'office' ,'personal', 'fax'
}] // Can be multiple phone numbers in array,

birthDay: Date,
address: {
street: '',
city: '',
zipCode: '',
country: '' // 2 letter country code
... additional fields, can be Number, String, Date or Array of : Numbers, Strings, Date or mixed

Below is messenger instance methods:

$plutio_msg.init() //initiates messenger instance
$plutio_msg.close() //hides chat window
$ //shows chat window
$plutio_msg.setUser() //sets user data
$plutio_msg.unsetUser() //unsets user data
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