Every Plutio account has a unique domain such as example.plutio.com which can be replaced with your own custom domain.

Please read the following carefully before setting up your custom domain;

We recommend using a subdomain (sub.example.com) instead of root domain (example.com) as connecting your root domain may effect your emails and anything else setup on it. Click here for more information.
Please ensure you are using a subdomain that isn't currently being used.

Follow the steps below very carefully to setup your custom domain:

Go to your domain registrar and create a CNAME record.

Search your provider's help centre or ask their support for instructions on how to create a CNAME as the steps differs between providers.
When adding a CNAME record you would usually see two fields. The first field is the host where you enter your custom domain and the second field is the value or target where you enter your current Plutio sub domain.

So it would be HOST (custom domain) > directing or pointing to > VALUE (current plutio sub domain).

Here's an example to help explain HOST and VALUE:

To connect projects.example.com to your Plutio account example.plutio.com.

The CNAME records would be:

Host: projects.example.com - Please note that depending on your domain provider you may need to enter only the part before the root domain. So your host would be only "projects" instead of "projects.example.com".

Value - example.plutio.com

Once you've created the CNAME record as instructed above, login into your Plutio account and click on Settings from your main menu then click on Brand and Interface.

Enter your custom domain into the field under the Custom domain section and click save.

Test your setup by clicking here and enter your custom domain into the field provided then choose CNAME from the dropdown and click on the search button. If the results shows your current Plutio sub domain (example.plutio.com) in green then your setup is correct.

That is it, you should now be able to access Plutio through your new custom domain. But please allow up to 24 hours for the new records to propagate just in case.
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