Every Plutio account has a unique sub domain such as domain.plutio.com, which can be replaced with a custom domain to match your brand, such as brand.com or portal.brand.com

Follow the steps below to setup your custom domain.

Go to your domain registrar and create a CNAME record.

Search your provider's help centre or ask their support for instructions on how to create a CNAME as the steps difference between providers.
Set the value or host as the custom domain you want to use, and set the target to your current Plutio subdomain which would be something like domain.plutio.com

So it would be VALUE (custom domain) > directing to > Target (Plutio subdomain).

Click save, and allow up to 24 hours for the new DNS record to propagate.
Go back to Plutio and click on Settings > Business details and then enter your domain into the field under the Custom domain section, and click save.
That is it, you should now be able to access Plutio through your new custom domain.

If you need help setting up your CNAME, please contact your registrar with the instructions above and they should be able to guide you.
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