Every Plutio account has a unique sub domain such as domain.plutio.com, which can be replaced with a custom domain to match your brand, such as example.com or portal.example.com

Please follow the steps below very carefully to setup your custom domain:

Click on Settings from your main menu and then click on Brand and Interface from the settings page menu. Or simply visit this link: https://app.plutio.com/settings/branding - but please ensure you are logged-in into the right business if you manage multiple businesses.

Enter your preferred custom domain into the field under the Custom domain section, and click save. Once done, a set of information will appear as follows:

Plutio custom domain CNAMES

Go to your domain registrar and create a CNAME record.

Search your provider's help centre or ask their support for instructions on how to create a CNAME as the steps differs between providers.

When adding a CNAME the provider usually show you two fields. Copy your KEY or HOST from the Brand and interface page and paste it into the first field.

Copy the VALUE and paste it into the second field provided and then save this record.

So it would be KEY or HOST > directing to > VALUE.

Once you've created this record, you would need to create a second one.

This time set the VALUE or HOST as the custom domain you want to use, and set the TARGET to your current Plutio subdomain which would be something like domain.plutio.com and then save it.

So it would be VALUE (custom domain) > directing to > Target (Plutio subdomain).

That is it, you should now be able to access Plutio through your new custom domain. But please allow up to 24 hours for the new DNS record to propagate just in case.

If you need help setting up your CNAME, please contact your registrar with the instructions above and they should be able to guide you.

Are you having trouble at all? Here is few things to try:

1) Receiving error "404 Not Found, no applications registered for host"?
Try to disable HTTP Proxy and use DNS only setting for the record.

2) Followed the steps but domain still isn't verifying?
If your provided HOST or KEY appears similar to:

_c25e0cb716ccbfb829deae73e1484b93 .sub .domain .com

Please try and remove the .domain .com part from it, so it would look similar to:

_c25e0cb716ccbfb829deae73e1484b93 .sub

Basically keeping only the first part of your custom domain and then try again.

3) Domain redirecting to app.domainname.com?

That is because you're using www in your custom domain.

Please create a different sub domain such clients, projects, portal, etc....

More information on this particular issue can be found here.

Still can't verify your domain?
Please make sure you've followed the steps above very carefully and and wait at-least 24 hours, if you are still having issues please contact us via the built-in live chat.
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