All outbound emails such as notifications and invites are sent from - which can be replaced with your own custom email address to match your brand, such as

Follow the steps below to setup your custom email address:

Click on Settings from your main menu and then click on Email settings.
Enter your email address and login details as follows:

Service: Select your email provider from the dropdown menu. If you couldn't find your provider, please leave this field empty.
Email address: the email address you would like to use, for example:
Sender name: your name or the business name, it can be anything and it will be used as the sender's name.
Host, Port and SSL switch: Those would usually be set automatically if you've selected a provider, but if you couldn't find your provider form the "service" dropdown menu then you can fill them manually. Those details are usually provided by your email provider, please contact them for instructions on where to find them.
Username and Password: are the login details you use to login to your email account.

Click save, and that's it! - you should now receive a test email confirming your setup is correct.

Trying to connect your Gmail account? The server name is usually: or and the ports are: 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS), please try both.
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