Custom fields allows you to customise your tasks to fit your needs and workflow.

Your task custom fields can be for tags, priority, estimates or anything else you can imagine!

Here's is an example task with few custom fields:

Tasks custom fields

To create custom fields:

Click on "Settings" from your main menu and then choose "Tasks".
Click on "Create custom field" to create a new one, or click on any of the current custom fields to edit them.

Create custom fields for tasks

There are 3 different field types you can choose from; Input, Dropdown and Multis-elect.

task custom fields, input, dropdown and multi select

Give your custom field a name, choose its type, add pre-filled options if you want and then click on Create.

Once created, you can add your new custom fields to tasks by clicking on the "Add fields" input from the task page.

add custom field to tasks
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