You can create and easily apply templates to various elements such as:

Task boards
Task groups

Here's how to apply templates for a;

Project templates can only be applied when creating new projects. Simply choose one of the available templates from the "templates dropdown" when creating a new project.

Applying a template to a project

Task board:
Hover-over the task board name and then from the options menu click on "apply a template".

Apply template to a task board

Task group or a task:
You can't apply templates to task groups and tasks, but you can create them from a template instead.

Simply type "/template" in the input to show the command menu, which will then give you a list of all available templates.

Create a task from a template

Proposal or a contract template:
Open the proposal you wish to apply a template to, then from the options menu on the right side you will find a field called "template".

Clicking on that field should open a dropdown menu with all the available templates you've created.

Apply proposal template

You can't see any templates? That means you haven't created any yet. Click on Settings from your main menu and then click on Templates to get started.
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